About cullaloe.net

We provide technical services to a range of clients including web design, internet hosting, software development, surveys, membership, logistics and support. We have specialist interests and expertise in education, physics and machine learning.

Please contact us for further information.

Web Hosting

The cullaloe.net servers are host to a number of clients, including the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association, boat builder Alec Jordan, the St Ayles Skiff community, photographer Kara Mudie and Mossgreen Service Station, Fife. Our educational services have included a resource community site and survey machine over at sptr.net, which also hosts the Natural Partners Project showcase.

Our own websites and services are also here, of course, including the unofficial VLE, Nick’s blog at cullaloe.com and our own infrastructure data server.

Domains no longer in use may redirect here until they are released: these include the IoP competition site (not used since 2016) and the personal site of retired engineer and yachtsman Mike Hagger.

Pixie Puzzles

When running the Scottish Physics Teachers Resource website (sptr.net) I occasionally published some cryptic crosswords for the members to try. They included a lot of physics and astronomy terms and facts, and not a few in-jokes. Only two people to my knowledge ever completed the puzzles, although there may have been more. One is the very clever and erudite John Lovell, for whom I promised to try to make some more: Pixie Puzzle No. 12 was published in May 2018 in response.

The Cryptic puzzles: No. 1 No. 3 No. 4 No. 5 No. 6 No. 7 No. 8 No. 9 No. 10 No. 11 No. 12

The solutions can be found at cullaloe.net/puzzles. Number 2 was a word search, specifically for Sean Duffy.