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In order to be more effective at what I do[1], I engage in personal and professional development work. You can read about some of this work in my Development diary. Over the past year, I have developed and piloted a Moodle VLE[2] for Physics Initial Teacher Education students, have refreshed my Artificial Intelligence skills by completing the 12-week ColumbiaX course on AI and have been studying the use of images and photography to see and describe the world.

About me

I am an educator and technologist with extensive international experience in aerospace and defence. A GTCS registered teacher of physics and mathematics, I have in recent years led the development and delivery of high quality initial teacher education in science at the University of Edinburgh. My personal blog can be found at, which includes links to other channels where I can be found. I am also an amateur photographer - you can see some of my efforts in places like National Geographic, 500px and my own photography blog.

About this site

This wiki space was set up to allow me to keep a searchable record of things, useful resources, and to help me to be organised as I studied for a PhD[3]. I now keep my development diary here, which serves as a record of CPD, reading or other study I engage with. This is useful for professional purposes (GTCS Professional Update and the registration requirements of the Science Council) and may be of use to others. There is no facility for readers of this site to interact with it beyond navigating, but if you really want to comment or ask me anything, please do so using the contact form over at my personal blog. If you find anything here useful, you might consider buying me a coffee.

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  1. I help people become outstanding modern teachers of physics and science.
  2. Virtual Learning Environment, a kind of online classroom and study resource.
  3. If you're looking for the old Workspace front page, it's here.