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This wiki supports and records my PhD and professional development.


In September 2014, I started a PhD at the University of Edinburgh's School of Education, where I was seconded as a teaching fellow in initial teacher education. I was interested in finding out more about how students cope without a teacher. I set up this wiki as a working space for my research and study activities. I hoped it would become a record of my PhD journey; help me stay on track; be a searchable notebook; and reflect my progress in study and research.

Interruption and Surrender

By November 2015, progress with the PhD had been erratic if not positively stagnant as I tried to resolve issues like an excessive workload and uncertainty around funding. Although encouraged by many people, doing a PhD is difficult and takes a great deal of commitment and time. Whilst not short of the former, the latter had become an insurmountable issue. I took a break from the PhD and examined a number of routes forward, including abandoning education as a viable career altogether. After plans in the summer of 2016 to move to Morocco went awry, I returned to Initial Teacher Education at the University of Edinburgh and tried to pick up my PhD again, but this was short-lived. The new role came with no less a workload than before: also, my professional review in May 2017 made it clear that there is no advantage to my career in pursuing a PhD and that there would be no support from the University, irrespective of what was stated at interview. I withdrew a few days later, when the University invoiced me another couple of thousand pounds.


I continue to log my development activities here and I invite you to read and reflect. There is no facility for the casual reader to interact with what's here but I am open to questions, feedback and comments. You can contact me at

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